Phase 2: Ordering & Scheduling

Phase 2: Ordering, Scheduling & Permits

We’ve ordered your kitchen cabinets. Now hurry up…and wait.

Congratulations! You’ve made all your decisions, finalized the design and signed off on your order. All the excitement that has built up to this point now…has…to…wait. Product lead times for kitchen cabinets can range depending on the type of cabinet you choose.  Plus lead times for appliances and other products, and a countertop that typcially won't get ordered until base cabinets have been installed so a template can be done to get the best possible fit. 

As dates get scheduled you will feel the old familiar excitement level to start building back up. (see The Project Begins – How to Prepare and what to expect for your Remodel…)

What "permits" us to work on your kitchen remodeling project.

Obtaining construction permits from the city or county for your kitchen remodeling project can sometimes take between 6-8 weeks on average or longer. If you live in a historical residence or have a home built earlier than 1978 where lead paint may have been used and require specific processes to address it could take even longer.

These two areas (cabinet lead time and permits) are typically the greatest sources of your time spent waiting as most other products will come in during the aforementioned time frame (need cabinets fast, we can help you with that too..learn more). Be patient. We’ll be sending updates from time to time but if you haven’t heard anything and just want a quick update, you should never hesitate to contact us.

It’s here! It’s here! Scheduling the work to begin on your kitchen remodeling project.

Once all the materials have arrived (with the exception of the countertop, which is made to order AFTER your kitchen cabinets have been installed – more on that later), we will be in touch regarding scheduling. There will be many things to schedule for your kitchen remodeling project, including delivery, installation, countertop measurement, countertop installation and more.

Our deliveries are made using our Delivery Notification system, which provides you with alert and delivery time windows the afternoon before you delivery, the morning of your delivery and one hour before you delivery will be made, allowing you to make the most of your time without waiting around all day at home.

One more thing…don’t be surprised if some packing boxes show up at your home as a gentle reminder to start emptying those kitchen cabinets in advance of your installation.

Need help getting started? Download our Planning Guide!

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