Gathering information for your kitchen remodeling project

While you are excited at this stage, it is essential for you to take your time and get it right. The choices you make here will start to create the foundation of your kitchen remodeling project, so it is critical that you take your time and consider your options carefully. Rushing too quickly through this process can cause mistakes, missed opportunities and in some cases, additional costs or delays.

The same goes for us. This is where we have to ask the right questions and then listen, listen really well, take notes and in all likelihood, ask more questions. It is essential for us to understand the purpose behind your project so we can help you reach your goal, regardless of whether it is a replacement kitchen for a quick re-sell or your dream kitchen design.

Be prepared for the budget question. We will ask about home value, how long you plan to stay in the home to help you determine the right amount to consider spending for on your kitchen project. We may even use our online kitchen estimator tool to help give you a range of prices from high to low that you can expect.

Your Reico designer will meet with you for a free in-store consultation at our showroom, ask lots of questions and offer their professional insight and expertise to help guide you to the right decisions. Once we've educated you on your options and identified logical next steps we will collect a design deposit, which is applied to your purchase, and move on to the formal design phase for your kitchen. We are also available to meet in your home on the first consultation. In those cases, we will ask for a design deposit at the time of scheduling, which will be applied to your purchase as well.

Once that is done, we will get started on developing your space. In most cases, appliances will be the first products we will ask you to consider and decide on (read Appliance Basics - What You Need to Know). Your appliances will dictate available space for cabinets along with any special considerations for plumbing, gas and electrical. Rushing too quickly through this process can cause mistakes, missed opportunities and in some cases additional costs or even delays.

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