Phase 3: Construction & Install

Phase 3: Installation & Completion

The Construction & Installation portion of your kitchen remodeling project

Fast forward roughly 3-12 weeks since you your orders were placed and finally it is time to get started. Kitchen projects are one of the most complex home construction projects as they typically involve multiple trades including carpentry, electrical, plumbing, countertop installation, HVAC, tile, flooring and possibly more. (Read “The Project Begins”)

Installation can take anywhere from 1-5 weeks (or sometimes longer) depending on the scope of the kitchen project. Your countertop will add some additional time to that as well. Most kitchen countertops will be measured by the fabricator AFTER all the base cabinets have been installed. Once measured, it can take as little as a week to as long as 2 weeks to have the custom made top delivered and installed in your home by the fabricator. But as you will see when it goes on, it will have been worth the wait.

Mold, Damages, Bad Electrical, oh my…

It is around this time as well that something unexpected happens during your kitchen remodel. It could be a damaged cabinet, mold found in the walls, outdated electrical, perhaps a wrong color or finish or possibly even something you’ve decided you wanted to add to the scope of your kitchen remodeling project.

Take a breath. We’ll assess the situation together and put together solution to keep things moving forward. And if we need to create a change order to take care of things, no problem. It’s all part of the process. Read our Aberdeen, NC Kitchen Remodel Case Study to see an example of this type of situation and how we solved it.

Almost there…completing your kitchen remodeling project

As the installation finishes up, we will be ready to walk it and review it with you to make sure all the details have been addressed and you are pleased with the finished space.  There may be a punch list of remaining items created to be completed.  If you've contracted us to the do the installation, it should be nice and clean as well.

We get pretty excited about completing kitchen projects, so we may even ask for your permission to have a professional photographer come out and take pictures of the finished work. Because your new kitchen is gorgeous!

Finally, one last thing…time to enjoy

Enjoy! It’s over and now you can enjoy your new kitchen!

We might ask you for pictures once you’ve done all your decorating but now is the time that the kitchen becomes yours. We’ll be checking in as well, after 90 days and at one year, to make sure everything is going well (and maybe ask you about the bathroom and considering a new remodeling project).

Any home remodeling project will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride of exciting highs and frustrating lows. A thorough understanding of what to expect combined with a strong partnership with your Reico designer and team will help you stay on the rails and bring you to the end of your remodeling journey and the beginning of your time with your new and hoepfully dream kitchen.


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