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Backsplash Ideas that never go out of style - Ceramic Subway Tile
Easy to clean, light reflective and stain resistant, Ceramic Subway Tile may just be the hardest working tile in the world. Whether as the wall covering for subways…or as a kitchen or bathroom backsplash, these ceramic tiles bring style and sanitary together in a near endless assortment of wall covering and backsplash ideas for kitchens, bathrooms ...
A new mixer today...a new kitchen tomorrow?
Sometimes a little inspiration is all you need to get started on a kitchen remodeling project. For one lucky person, that inspiration may have come in the form of a new pink Kitchen Aid mixer courtesy of Reico Kitchen & Bath’s drawing, held for consumers signing up on via the Reico website for our quarterly newsletter.
The Moen MotionSense Kitchen Faucet: A kid's perspective
Trying to decide on a new kitchen faucet? My family recently replaced our old kitchen faucet with the new Moen MotionSense kitchen faucet. The hands-free functionality of it really impressed us, but not as much as it impressed the youngest member of our family.
Delivery Perfection | Nottingham, MD kitchen remodeling by Reico
While customers love the Reico delivery notification system that contacts them with delivery time updates and lets them know 1 hour before their delivery is to be made, that is just the beginning. “We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone involved,” says Jamie Hipsley, Director of Operations for Reico Kitchen & Bath. “The quicker they ca...
3 kitchen design trends for your list in 2014!
Black kitchen countertops. Open Shelves and Glass front cabinets. Darker Paint tones. According to a recently released trend report, Zillow sees these 3 kitchen design trends taking off in 2014.
Kitchen Remodeling: Take your time and consider all your options!
We all get caught up in it….the emotional rollercoaster of highs (all new stuff!) and lows (it will cost how much?) when planning a kitchen remodel. But taking time to consider all the options and costs is one of the most important things you can do before finalizing a new kitchen design.
Where Do I Start | Bethesda, MD Kitchen Design Expert Blog
One of the questions I get asked most often is, “Where do I start?” With a kitchen remodel or a bath remodel there are so many elements to coordinate it can be a challenge to find your starting point. Do you choose the cabinetry first or is the countertop more important? Is the tile a good place to start or should I begin with the appliances, the w...
Today’s Bathroom Design Trends can delight all 5 senses!
How do our 5 senses connect with today’s bathroom design trends? Hear, Smell, Taste, Feel and “See” it for yourself:
4 Smart Kitchen Design Ideas for Kids in the Kitchen
How many of us design the kitchen with our kids in mind? We’re busy in the kitchen and all of sudden a little hand goes up or tugs on our apron asking to help. How sweet! Regardless, when we are in the kitchen we want them close by anyway, whether it is just to keep an eye on them or get them involved in a meal or other baking project.
A Kitchen Design Trend in my house...the U-Socket!
In my house we all gravitate to the kitchen...for meals, snacks, homework, bills, you name it. We spend a lot of time there. And invariably with that comes our variety of devices, from smartphones and tablets to digital cameras, gaming devices, Kindles and more. With 6 people in my home, it can be like our own mini (or not so mini) electronics show...
Over or Under? The Great Toilet Paper debate rolls on…
A quick search of the internet tells you that this is no ordinary topic. Over 83 million results in Google. Wikipedia discussions that more than double the discussion length of far more newsworthy events and topics. Endless visual images and data. With studies that show we use approximately 15 billion rolls of toilet paper a year in the U.S. alone,...
If these kitchen walls could talk…
They would say… • Why did you let the kids use the cabinet drawers as step stools? • Why did you put those scorch marks in the countertop?
Who’s Cookin’ in Your Kitchen?
An important and simple thing to consider while designing your kitchen floor plan is….how many cooks do you have? Just me! Just me!
What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen? 7 Ways to Decide
There is nothing that can breathe fresh life into a room quite as powerfully as a new fresh coat of paint. Working a fresh color scheme into your kitchen also gives you an excuse to renovate the whole area - cabinets, walls, appliances - your new hue awaits you. But you might not know just what to choose. Here’s how to put a finger on what co...
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