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3 kitchen design trends for your list in 2014!
Black kitchen countertops. Open Shelves and Glass front cabinets. Darker Paint tones. According to a recently released trend report, Zillow sees these 3 kitchen design trends taking off in 2014.
Kitchen Remodeling: Take your time and consider all your options!
We all get caught up in it….the emotional rollercoaster of highs (all new stuff!) and lows (it will cost how much?) when planning a kitchen remodel. But taking time to consider all the options and costs is one of the most important things you can do before finalizing a new kitchen design.
Induction, duction what’s your (cooking) function?
The hottest trend in in cooking today is induction cooking. As technology continues to improve and costs come down, more and more people are discovering this form of cooking.
Bathroom design trends you should know about…Floating Vanities!
Floating vanities continue to be one of the more popular bathroom design trends out there, offering a custom look to even the smallest of bathroom spaces. These wall-mounted vanities create the illusion of more space in a tight bathroom with its’ open underside.
Today’s Bathroom Design Trends can delight all 5 senses!
How do our 5 senses connect with today’s bathroom design trends? Hear, Smell, Taste, Feel and “See” it for yourself:
Delivery Perfection | Nottingham, MD kitchen remodeling by Reico
While customers love the Reico delivery notification system that contacts them with delivery time updates and lets them know 1 hour before their delivery is to be made, that is just the beginning. “We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone involved,” says Jamie Hipsley, Director of Operations for Reico Kitchen & Bath. “The quicker they ca...
Kitchen Smitchen - a guide to "other" uses for your kitchen!
While it’s fairly obvious that kitchen design needs to include space for all things cooking, it is not always so obvious that the kitchen is not JUST for cooking. What else goes on in there?
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