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Get Organized in your Kitchen!
One of the goals of clients remodeling their kitchen is for the new kitchen to be more organized and offer storage than the current version. A good designer will ask you to list your most used kitchen items and discuss placement and storage ideas based on your list.
Let Water create Your Personal Bathroom Experience!
We all want to live responsibly without sacrificing our water experience in the bathroom. Water defines the bathroom experience – not just for its cleaning aspect, but its wellness aspect too. It is both feeling and function.
Kitchen Ideas Spring to life this time of year!
Its spring time, and nothing ushers in that feeling better than a white kitchen. Timeless in style, white kitchens offer the refreshing breeziness of spring and the opportunity to showcase vibrant colors like those that come from spring’s first blooms. Whether it is from flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables or the colorful decorations and keepsakes...
Great Kitchen Ideas are a Team Effort
We’ve all heard the saying “It takes a village…”. With kitchen design, it does not quite take a village but there is no doubt that it is a team effort. Not only a collaboration between designer & client, but with a support team ready to assist to turn great kitchen ideas into great kitchens.
1 Bathroom + 2 People = 3 Bathroom Design Ideas to consider!
1) Identify all the activities each person uses their bathroom space for – bathing, showering, using the toilet, grooming, name it!
15 Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Seem Huge
You walk into your kitchen, thinking about how you’re going to prepare yourself a meal fit for a king. But then you actually get inside your kitchen. You look around and realize that your kitchen couldn’t make a meal fit for a king, because it’s too tiny. Your kitchen might be small, but you can still make it feel like home. And y...
How to Pick the Right Sink for Your Kitchen Remodel
So you know you’re planning to remodel your kitchen. And you’ve got most of your vision in mind. You’re missing one key element, though, and you don’t know what you need. It’s the kitchen sink. So that means you’ve got everything but the kitchen sink. Literally. Kitchen sinks are often forgotten in the process wh...
These Things Will be on Your Master Bathroom Wishlist
It doesn’t even have to be around the holidays for you to have a wishlist. There are things that you want in your master bathroom year round, because you’re going to be using your bathroom year round. Here’s some things to keep your eye on if they’re not already on your list.  
Things to Think About Before You Remodel Your Bathroom
Alright. You know you’re going to do it. It’s time to remodel your bathroom. You’re tired of waking up everyday, walking inside the bathroom, and sighing. And not just because you had to get out of bed. But because you’re tired of the poor lighting, the dingy shower, the cramped space. Time to change! But before you go rushi...
Budgeting Steps for Remodeling Your Kitchen
When you’re planning a kitchen remodel, it’s an understatement that there’s a lot to do. You have to think about when you want to do your remodel, what you want to remodel, what style it should be, and more. But perhaps the most pressing thing on everyone’s mind? The budget. Don’t stress about how much everything is go...
How to Max Out Your Kitchen Space for the Holidays
Are you thinking of entertaining for the holidays, but look at your kitchen and think twice about having people over? You want to cook and have a place for your friends to stay, but envisioning having to prepare all the food in your tiny kitchen is making you want to suggest having a party somewhere else.
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