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Gaudy? Imagining a Gaudi inspired kitchen or bathroom
I recently visited Barcelona and immediately fell in love with the charm and architecture of the city (not to mention the tapas, paella, cava, sangria…I could go on and on).
Kitchen Design Ideas - Using Glass Doors
Great kitchen design ideas are everywhere and one of the most timeless ideas utilized to create focal points in a kitchen design is glass.  Yes, there are many other great kitchen design ideas that can add a unique touch or focal point to your kitchen space. 
Trending on Kitchen Hardware - Small or Large?
One of the biggest questions we get is "How big should my hardware be?". With people's preferences always seeming to change, the good news is that there is no wrong answer! Going with smaller kitchen hardware typically gives it a more subtle look that easily blends into the design without becoming a focal point. Bigger pieces of hardware can someti...
Get creative with bathroom design ideas – the unexpected opening!
We are all so used to filling up every possible space with cabinets . What about those times where there is a unique space or client need that requires more creative bathroom design ideas? An unexpected opening may be a great surprise and great convenience to a client.
Do you like it spicy in the kitchen?
Storing spices in the kitchen can be a challenge and leave you “cayenne” over the best place for them. You want them near you while you cook and you want to be able to pick out the one you want easily. What to do? What to do?
18 Things That Can Turn Your Kitchen from Tacky to Timeless
Have you been putting off a remodel on your kitchen because you’re not sure what the first steps are? Maybe you’ve been pushing back a makeover so long that your kitchen has started to lean more toward the outdated side. If that’s you, or you just want to give your kitchen a little facelift, then let us help. From big to small, th...
Tips and Rules for Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets
One of the main areas most exposed to bacteria, dirt and grease in your home is your kitchen cabinets. Grease from cooking, condensation from external temperatures and children opening and closing your kitchen cabinets constantly throughout the day calls for routine upkeep.  We want to help you master the maintenance and let your cabinets...
How To Renovate Your Bathroom With No Fear
Why are people so afraid of doing bathroom remodeling? We get it. Change can be scary. But is there anything scarier than your old dingy, tiny bathroom with the same decor you’ve been staring at for decades? Yeah, we didn’t think so. The good news about this scary situation is that you really don’t have to be so fearful. Here&rsqu...
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