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How can you make your kitchen smarter?
Do you want to go smarter with your kitchen? We have some good news! Forget about tearing down your walls or calling in a contractor. In many cases you do not even have to change the electrical or plumbing systems.
What Bathroom Tile Patterns Are Making headlines In 2021?
You might be asking, ‘is tile layout that important?’ Sure, it is! You may not know this, but your eyes subconsciously take in tile patterns. A wrong layout makes the room feel messy and cluttered, even if everything else is in place. But a good one? – It sets the tone for the entire room and ties everything together.
Are Quartz Countertops a hard choice for your kitchen? Yes. And No.
Your countertop is more than a kitchen surface - it is a foundational element of your entire kitchen. Whatever you select to go on this surface impacts every other little thing that takes place around it. So yes, your countertop is that important.
Porcelain vs Ceramic Tiles: Is there a clear winner?
Most people can’t tell the difference between porcelain and ceramic tiles. Who can blame them? The tiles are similar in appearance and feel, result from similar processes, and serve almost the same uses. So, confusing one for the other feels natural. But there are some key differences between these tiles that you cannot overlook in your quest...
10 Top Tips for Picking Your Kitchen Backsplash
You can create an exciting and updated look with your cabinetry and countertop selections only to have the backsplash take you  back to square one if not given the proper consideration. Thankfully, our seventy years in business has allowed plenty of wins and mistakes with backsplashes to know what belongs in your kitchen and more importantly, ...
Top Ideas for Your Shower Renovation
Many of us would openly admit that the shower is where we do some of our best thinking.  Is this okay?  Of course.  But that is not what this is about. A bathroom remodel represents the chance to channel that best thinking in the shower to your best thinking about your shower!  Isn’t it about time that you designed your sh...
Design Trends in 2021 Kitchens
Unlike years past, 2021 was marked by one game-changer in particular, as well as the preceding year: COVID-19. Even though the surges will eventually decrease and we will return to a new normal, the virus has left its mark on many things, as kitchen design is one of them.   The NKBA’s (National Kitchen and Bath Association) “Design...
Six Timeless, Re-Emerging Kitchen Trends
Trends come and go, but your kitchen renovation should not. It should be something that you expects to be fully satisfied with for many, many years ahead the moment that the final touches are laid.  Here are some timeless, re-emerging kitchen trends that are going to be here to stay, and will help you avoid wanting to redo your kitchen again a...
Here Are All The Updates You Didn't Know Your 2020 Bathroom Needed
One thing we can say for certain about the year 2020 is that it has been unpredictable. With all the ups and downs and twists and turns, we are pretty sure there is almost no one who will be sad to see it coming to an end.    In spite of all the challenges, something that we can always count on is the trends. No matter what kind of year w...
How to Renovate an Easy to Clean Kitchen
Amidst the pandemic, everyone wants to find new ways to keep their house as clean as possible. As we have all learned after years of cooking in our own kitchens, this is the room of your house that tends to need the most attention regarding cleanup. We cook here. We eat here. And yes, we really do like to hang out here too.  The kitchen is one...
Planning Your Budget in a Challenging Economy
Right now, it is hard to know what day-to-day life is going to look like. Some of us might be on the front lines, some of us might be worrying where money is going to be coming from, and some of us might simply be staying at home.   Especially for those of us staying at home, it is easy to notice when your kitchen or bathroom is not up to par ...
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