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6 ways open shelf storage can neatly organize any kitchen design
We are starved for order and organization in our lives, and nowhere is that more present than in our kitchens.  Current kitchen design trends are showing more open looks and storage, meaning organization is more important than ever. Whether it is showcasing decorative items or organization in the kitchen, here are some ideas on how you can uti...
Houzz Survey Results vs. a Parents kitchen remodeling project
After 40+ years, my parents are starting a kitchen remodeling project.  While there have been some minor updates along the way (cabinet refinishes, appliances, countertop and floor), it was finally time to pull the trigger.  Mom has been the driver of the project but you can see my father start to come around as he sees designs, colors and samples ...
World Cup or Kitchen Remodeling fever - the "burning" question!
Whether you are a fan of soccer or not, chances are you have heard about soccer’s World Cup starting next week in Brazil.  For soccer fans, a little something known as World Cup fever will soon strike with a vengeance, consuming us anywhere from 2 weeks to almost 4 weeks (if you are one of the lucky ones to make it to the finals and raise the Cup)....
Is talking to a client a year later great customer service?
Normally we would all quick to be answer with an emphatic “NO!” But that’s not the case when you are talking about just checking in to see how everything is going. Most would be afraid to call, thinking they would only “rock the boat” or “stir up something”.
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