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Appliances and Kitchen Remodeling: 3 basics you must consider
When it comes to kitchen remodeling and designing your new space, your kitchen appliances should be given very special consideration. Appliances are often considered the “jewelry” of the kitchen, adding to the look, style and performance of your space. Often times, you will select your appliances first (or very early on) in the kitchen design proce...
A houseful of opportunity...and cabinets!
For many of our projects, we get the opportunity to focus on one room at a time. The kitchen. A master bathroom or a hall bathroom. Throw in the occasional wet bar, laundry room, guest bath, butler’s pantry and well…you get the picture. But then there are those projects where you get to do it all. And all at once. Where the design juices really get...
The Unicorn Frappuccino of remodeling? It is the kitchen for sure!
I am going to let you in on a little secret. Kitchens are the Unicorn Frappuccino of remodeling. I know what you are thinking. The timing of this revelation seems suspicious. However, in terms of kitchen remodeling it is true. Kitchens are the Unicorn Frappuccino of remodeling projects. Any project can transform a house, but kitchen remodeling chan...
“Manning” your kitchen with base cabinet storage that can handle any Super Bowl
The Super Bowl is this Sunday, but let's talk about the super bowl you bring out for those special occasions. You know, the really big one! We hike up 3 base cabinet storage ideas to help you store you own super bowl and other large kitchen baking items.
In the cabinet...5 kitchen cabinet accessories for a sink base
Adding kitchen cabinet accessories to your kitchen design is one of the best parts of the kitchen remodeling process. The term “kitchen cabinet accessories” is one of the most popular search term on the internet and sites like Houzz. Why? Because for most of us, we are fascinated by organization, convenience, ease of use and above all, a little cle...
Is your Kitchen due for an update - a Kitchen Remodeling "Checklist"
It’s the start of a new year and the buzz around kitchen remodeling is louder than ever. Is it time for you to consider kitchen remodeling? Here’s a “list” of fun clues that can help you determine if the time is right for you to remodel your kitchen:
Get Organized in your Kitchen!
One of the goals of clients remodeling their kitchen is for the new kitchen to be more organized and offer storage than the current version. A good designer will ask you to list your most used kitchen items and discuss placement and storage ideas based on your list.
Let Water create Your Personal Bathroom Experience!
We all want to live responsibly without sacrificing our water experience in the bathroom. Water defines the bathroom experience – not just for its cleaning aspect, but its wellness aspect too. It is both feeling and function.
Kitchen Ideas Spring to life this time of year!
Its spring time, and nothing ushers in that feeling better than a white kitchen. Timeless in style, white kitchens offer the refreshing breeziness of spring and the opportunity to showcase vibrant colors like those that come from spring’s first blooms. Whether it is from flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables or the colorful decorations and keepsakes...
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