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Kitchen Cabinet Accessories Trick & Treat your Kitchen!
It’s Halloween. That time of year when drop way too much money on costumes, candy, decorations and more and then wonder what happened as we emerge from a self-induced sugar coma. And a Friday night Halloween? You may as well just pack it in for the weekend right now.
15 Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Seem Huge
You walk into your kitchen, thinking about how you’re going to prepare yourself a meal fit for a king. But then you actually get inside your kitchen. You look around and realize that your kitchen couldn’t make a meal fit for a king, because it’s too tiny. Your kitchen might be small, but you can still make it feel like home. And y...
These Things Will be on Your Master Bathroom Wishlist
It doesn’t even have to be around the holidays for you to have a wishlist. There are things that you want in your master bathroom year round, because you’re going to be using your bathroom year round. Here’s some things to keep your eye on if they’re not already on your list.  
Wet Bar vs. Dry Bar: Which One's for You?
You love to entertain. And you’ve been entertaining the idea of getting a wet bar or a dry bar.  Your house is known as the place where people go to gather. Maybe you love hosting a small, intimate gathering. Or maybe you love to get a big group together and call it a party.
Budgeting Steps for Remodeling Your Kitchen
When you’re planning a kitchen remodel, it’s an understatement that there’s a lot to do. You have to think about when you want to do your remodel, what you want to remodel, what style it should be, and more. But perhaps the most pressing thing on everyone’s mind? The budget. Don’t stress about how much everything is go...
How to Max Out Your Kitchen Space for the Holidays
Are you thinking of entertaining for the holidays, but look at your kitchen and think twice about having people over? You want to cook and have a place for your friends to stay, but envisioning having to prepare all the food in your tiny kitchen is making you want to suggest having a party somewhere else.
Make Your Dim Bathroom Look Brighter
So you’re in the bathroom squinting at yourself in the mirror and it dawns on you: your bathroom is just...dim. Even if your bathroom is large, when it’s not bright, it can feel smaller. And that’s the opposite of what you want. But you don’t have to be afraid of the dark. There are some surefire ways that can lighten up you...
What's Hot in Kitchen and Bath in 2019
January is all about focusing on the year ahead and making resolutions. So, what does the year ahead look like for your home? Is it time to make a change? If you want to keep on trend, there are a few key things that you should be paying attention to. And those things are the pointers that are coming out of the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show that...
In Stock Cabinets Are Not Just For Kitchens Anymore
Let’s explore some ideas! What comes to your mind when you hear in-stock cabinets ? For many people, the first instinct to associate these cabinets with the kitchen comes naturally. After all, they have more than served the kitchen cabinetry role for decades. However, relating them with other rooms might not be the first thought to cross your...
Planning a Home Renovation During Difficult Times
It does not take a rocket scientist to sum up this year as succinctly as possible. This current year has been a difficult time for us all. And if you were looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom when COVID-19 hit, chances are your plans might have been derailed a little bit.   If you were in that group planning to remodel, or you’ve ...
Remodeling Your Kitchen with Detail
You know how the quote goes: the devil is in the details. When you are remodeling your kitchen, you might be thinking about all the things that go into creating the big picture. No doubt you should be.  But once you have got the big picture nailed down, it is time to delve into the details.  You want to get the little things right from th...
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