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Must Haves for Your Master Bathroom Remodel
You’ve got your toilet, you’ve got your shower, and you’ve got your sink. Technically, that means that you’ve got yourself a bathroom. But, especially with a master bathroom, there are so many more options that you can choose to really make it your own. At Reico Kitchen & Bath , we know bathrooms. And we really know what...
When Is the Best Time of Year to Remodel Your Kitchen?
Your kitchen.  It is where you cook.  It is where you gather.  It is where you store your food.  It is the place you go to start your day early in the morning to cook your breakfast and where you end that same day up late at night for a snack. So when you decide you are doing a kitchen remodel,  all of these every day activ...
Why You Should Remodel the Shape of Your Kitchen
There are a few expectations that are absolutely essential and must be exceeded (or met at the VERY least) for your kitchen remodel to be a success. You know you want to love your new space. You know you want it to be a place for people to gather. And you know you are going to want to enjoy cooking in it.   For all those points to come togethe...
Smart Technology Remodeling Trends for 2020
At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we like to think we have 20/20 vision. Like every year, we are staying in tune with all the latest trends that are going to make your own remodel the perfect remodel for you, and a remodel that’s going to last you for years to come.   Smart technology has been one of the most quickly rising trends in home ren...
Tips on How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom
Glance at any headline today and it is likely that it will tell you all about how many germs are living on every surface around the world.  And if you have not already, chances are that you are probably soon going to be all about cleaning and hygiene very, very soon.   So, put the extra time that you are spending at home these days doing ...
Planning Your Kitchen Remodeling Timeline
You’ve been dreaming about it. You’ve been planning. And now you’re ready to begin. It’s time for your kitchen remodel. 
Luxury Design Features You'll Definitely Want to Have in Your Kitchen
Your kitchen should be a place where you go to have fun. After all, eating food is one of the most universally enjoyed things in the entire world. When you’re going into your kitchen, you’re either making a meal for yourself, making a meal for a loved one, cooking for a party - you’re sharing something you love with other people.
Which Shower Wall Materials Are the Best for You?
The average person showers for about nine minutes a day, eight times a week. Each year that adds up to 3,744 minutes in the shower or, over two and a half entire days...just in the shower.
One Study Reveals The Most Anticipated Bathroom Design Trends
When you sell your home, the expected ROI on a bathroom remodel is a whopping 70 percent. On top of that, remodeling your bathroom just makes you feel good! The average person spends almost 2 hours going to the bathroom per week, and that does even account for bath or shower time. That adds another 90 minutes.
How to Remodel a Bathroom That's Easy to Clean
Right now, the one thing on everyone’s mind is how to keep germ-free. However, in the bathroom we are always thinking about how to stay germ-free. We all know that the bathroom is a place where germs like to hang out.  That warm, moisture-filled room can be too hard for germs to resist, especially while we are spending more time inside o...
Easy Renovation Projects You Can Do While You Stay at Home
At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we are all about making the most of it. Whether you are the heroes out on the front lines, under stay-at-home orders or somewhere in between, we are all spending more time than ever from home. Too often, it can easily feel like your life is on pause. And those feelings can be magnified if you had a renovation project pl...
Planning a Home Renovation During Difficult Times
It does not take a rocket scientist to sum up this year as succinctly as possible. This current year has been a difficult time for us all. And if you were looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom when COVID-19 hit, chances are your plans might have been derailed a little bit.   If you were in that group planning to remodel, or you’ve ...
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