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David Letterman just wanted to remodel his kitchen
The big entertainment news last week was that David Letterman would be retiring after over 30 years of being on television. But did you know that the real reason was just so he could remodel his kitchen? Think about it. At the very least, we know Letterman has always had an interest in food, mostly by dropping it off tall buildings and seeing what ...
Gaudy? Imagining a Gaudi inspired kitchen or bathroom
I recently visited Barcelona and immediately fell in love with the charm and architecture of the city (not to mention the tapas, paella, cava, sangria…I could go on and on).
Kitchen Design Ideas - Using Glass Doors
Great kitchen design ideas are everywhere and one of the most timeless ideas utilized to create focal points in a kitchen design is glass.  Yes, there are many other great kitchen design ideas that can add a unique touch or focal point to your kitchen space. 
Get creative with bathroom design ideas – the unexpected opening!
We are all so used to filling up every possible space with cabinets . What about those times where there is a unique space or client need that requires more creative bathroom design ideas? An unexpected opening may be a great surprise and great convenience to a client.
18 Things That Can Turn Your Kitchen from Tacky to Timeless
Have you been putting off a remodel on your kitchen because you’re not sure what the first steps are? Maybe you’ve been pushing back a makeover so long that your kitchen has started to lean more toward the outdated side. If that’s you, or you just want to give your kitchen a little facelift, then let us help. From big to small, th...
Kitchen Lighting Tips from the Professionals
Never underestimate the importance of lighting for your kitchen. Whether you’re cooking, eating, cleaning, or organizing, you will need plenty of light in the right places. Otherwise, you risk misplacing key items or leaving crumbs and liquids lying on the counter, where they can attract bugs and germs. It’s not hard to see why lighting matter...
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