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Kitchen Smitchen - a guide to "other" uses for your kitchen!
While it’s fairly obvious that kitchen design needs to include space for all things cooking, it is not always so obvious that the kitchen is not JUST for cooking. What else goes on in there?
Molding just the right experience! | Frederick, MD Kitchen Remodeling
Great experiences come down to details, and nothing requires more detail than molding. Lengths, angles, cuts and joints can make or break the finished look of any cabinet molding. A Frederick, MD kitchen remodeling client came to our Frederick, MD kitchen showroom looking to add cabinet molding to his existing kitchen.
Is talking to a client a year later great customer service?
Normally we would all quick to be answer with an emphatic “NO!” But that’s not the case when you are talking about just checking in to see how everything is going. Most would be afraid to call, thinking they would only “rock the boat” or “stir up something”.
Who’s Cookin’ in Your Kitchen?
An important and simple thing to consider while designing your kitchen floor plan is….how many cooks do you have? Just me! Just me!
Kitchen pantry cabinet options to help you avoid your own Hunger Games
While The Hunger Games books and movie had their moment, offering a much different challenge than one would expect, the Hunger Games we face every day are still very much relevant and in the moment, albeit on a much, much different scale.  However, those frenzied moments of feeding ourselves, our families, friends, kids soccer teams, holiday g...
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