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Quartz in the kitchen = Counter....Productive.
Close your eyes. Imagine the kitchen you grew up in. The table you ate it. The area your mom cooked, baked and whipped up seemingly magical meals...and similarly dreaded meals (I still don't care for Salisbury steak to this day...). Focus in a little more and picture the countertop. Can you see it? What is that? Plastic? Laminate. But then a few ye...
Twas' the moment before I added kitchen cabinet accessories
Kitchen cabinet accessories are critical to every kitchen design. Enjoy our kitchen cabinet accessories inspired 'Twas the Night before Christmas.
Glass Doors And Vertical Doors
Kitchen Cabinet Accessory Ideas - Glass and Vertical Cabinet Doors Two of the simplest ways to change the look of your kitchen can be achieved simply by changing the look or function of some doors. Glass Doors – Easily change the look of your kitchen. Glass doors can be a bright contrast to a darker finish or add a focal point to a wall of ca...
Rub-a-dub-dub…hey what happened to the bathroom tub?
It's not looking good for the rubber duckies. According to a recent Houzz study on bathroom remodeling trends , more and more consumers are forgoing the master bathroom tub. More than 4 in 10 surveyed homeowners are ditching the bathroom tub with glass and curbless zero threshold shower enclosures leading the way in bathroom trends.
Kitchen Remodel, Bathroom Remodel, or…the real March Madness begins!
It happens every year about this time. People start considering all their options. They look at stats and key information to help them make decisions on what or who will ultimately win out. And then they do it…they print out their March Madness brackets and start filling in winners. Will they go with the flashiest choice with the best chance of win...
Top 5 kitchen design requests of kitchen remodeling clients
Wondering if you are wanting the same things in your new kitchen design as others do? The following top 5 kitchen design requests were heard most frequently by clients starting a kitchen remodel project according to a recent survey by Kitchen & Bath Design News:
5 ideas for Drawer-ing up great kitchen storage!
The desire for a kitchen that is more organized, easy-to-reach and use has never been greater. One of the top reasons we remodel our kitchen is to create more or better storage. The opportunity to increase kitchen storage is everywhere. Here are 5 simple ideas that can help you add more kitchen storage that is easy to access:
Picking Silver is Olympic Gold for Bathroom Fixtures
Silver toned bathroom fixtures and faucets are the clear Olympic gold medal winner when it comes to choosing fixtures for a bathroom remodel . According to recent study by Houzz on winter bathroom trends , silver based finishes assumed an overwhelming 6 of the top 8 bathroom fixture finishes. The silver medalist – bronze, adding further “Olympic-es...
Trending on Kitchen Hardware - Small or Large?
One of the biggest questions we get is "How big should my hardware be?". With people's preferences always seeming to change, the good news is that there is no wrong answer! Going with smaller kitchen hardware typically gives it a more subtle look that easily blends into the design without becoming a focal point. Bigger pieces of hardware can someti...
I am thankful for...kitchens!
Ok, I admit that this likely comes as no surprise to anyone reading this since I work for a kitchen company (I’m also thankful for bathrooms but that’s a whole other discussion).
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