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How Winston Churchill remodeling?
Who can question the great Winston Churchil when it comes to kitchen remodeling advice? We’ve taken 5 motivational quotes and “translated” them to help inspire your new kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling project in 2014. What is your motivation?
Would Cyndi Lauper show her "true colors" in a kitchen design?
More than ever, homeowners are open to experimenting with colors. With shades of gray or off-white dominating cabinet finishes (studies show that nearly 30% of all kitchens and bathrooms currently being done involve a shade of gray), the chance to add some color can come from a variety of sources.
Can a Polar Vortex influence “weather” or not you remodel your kitchen or bathroom?
If you are like me, you have had enough of this year’s winter…cold, snow, sleet, cold, snow, freezing rain, snow, cold, sleet, snow, cold, cold, cold. You’re feeling it, right?
4 Smart Kitchen Design Ideas for Kids in the Kitchen
How many of us design the kitchen with our kids in mind? We’re busy in the kitchen and all of sudden a little hand goes up or tugs on our apron asking to help. How sweet! Regardless, when we are in the kitchen we want them close by anyway, whether it is just to keep an eye on them or get them involved in a meal or other baking project.
A Kitchen Design Trend in my house...the U-Socket!
In my house we all gravitate to the kitchen...for meals, snacks, homework, bills, you name it. We spend a lot of time there. And invariably with that comes our variety of devices, from smartphones and tablets to digital cameras, gaming devices, Kindles and more. With 6 people in my home, it can be like our own mini (or not so mini) electronics show...
Over or Under? The Great Toilet Paper debate rolls on…
A quick search of the internet tells you that this is no ordinary topic. Over 83 million results in Google. Wikipedia discussions that more than double the discussion length of far more newsworthy events and topics. Endless visual images and data. With studies that show we use approximately 15 billion rolls of toilet paper a year in the U.S. alone,...
If these kitchen walls could talk…
They would say… • Why did you let the kids use the cabinet drawers as step stools? • Why did you put those scorch marks in the countertop?
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