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Bathroom Design Trends You'll Fall In Love With
When the leaves start to shake off the trees and the weather starts to cool down, you know it’s time for the fall season to start. Especially when everything everywhere you go is pumpkin flavored. You’ll want to spend more time in your house, cozy and relaxing. But that won’t work if your house isn’t, in fact, cozy and relax...
Common Reasons Your Kitchen Renovations Go Over Budget
It happens to all of us. You are planning your kitchen remodel.  You are super excited, a little overwhelmed, and you’re trying the very best you can to stick your kitchen remodel budget . But that has been tough!  When you started out, you did not know your dream kitchen countertop was going to be a little extra for the color you w...
Where to Splurge on and Where to Save on Your Bathroom Remodel
There’s no doubt about it: one of the things homeowners are most worried about when planning their bathroom remodel is their budget. You know what you have in mind for your dream bathroom , but you’re not sure you have the means to get there.
Everything You Need to Know About Kitchen Storage for a Remodel
Your kitchen is the center of your home. And what is essential to making your kitchen flow? Organization. Storage space. Efficiency.  When you are doing all your cooking, from prep to table, you want it to be convenient and simple. The only way you’re going to be able to do that is if you have great kitchen storage.
High Budget Vs. Low Budget: Remodeling Your Bathroom
When you are looking to update your bathroom but you have a budget in mind, it can become more difficult to pick out what aspects you would like to get remodeled. As a result, it typically begs the question none of us really ever want to answer even though we know we must: where should I save, and where should I splurge? 
Top Tips from Designers for Your Bathroom Remodel
In the U.S., a 2018 study showed that 58% of people indicated that they planned to spend money to renovate their homes. That’s more than half of all homeowners that are planning to renovate at least one room in their home. 
Luxury Design Features You'll Definitely Want to Have in Your Kitchen
Your kitchen should be a place where you go to have fun. After all, eating food is one of the most universally enjoyed things in the entire world. When you’re going into your kitchen, you’re either making a meal for yourself, making a meal for a loved one, cooking for a party - you’re sharing something you love with other people.
The Pros and Cons of Double Vanity Sinks
What’s a double sink vanity? It’s two sinks installed in your bathroom, usually into the cabinets. The vanity countertop accommodates the two sinks, and they’re typically all connected together in the same slab of counter. It’s two sinks, two faucets, and double the convenience.
Take Advantage of Smart Home Technology in Your Renovation
In the United States, 96 percent of people own a cell phone. When it comes to your home, that’s 96 percent of the United States that could be using smart home technology to their advantage. But because it’s on the cutting edge of technology, not as many people recognize all the incredible things you can do with smart technology in your ...
Here's a Step-By-Step Timeline of What Your Kitchen Remodel Might Look Like
Remodeling your kitchen can sound like a daunting process but it doesn’t have to be that way, at least not at every step. The more you talk to your designer, ask questions and understand the specific steps in the kitchen remodel process, the more you will feel at ease with all, most or even some of the steps. At Reico Kitchen & Bath, that...
How Floating Shelves Can Give Your Kitchen or Bathroom an Upgrade
When you’re going into a kitchen remodel, there are some things you already know that you’re going to ask. You want new wooden cabinets and a stainless steel oven. Great.  But you might not know other certain question to ask until the project is underway. Sometimes, unexpected questions popping out of nowhere are completely unavoid...
What Makes a Kitchen a 21st Century Kitchen
When you think of your kitchen, what do you think of? A place to create, a place to eat, a place to gather?  The Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence conducted a study that asked people what they thought the role of the kitchen in their home was. Most homeowners thought that in their current 21st century home, they were sp...
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