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Induction, duction what’s your (cooking) function?
The hottest trend in in cooking today is induction cooking. As technology continues to improve and costs come down, more and more people are discovering this form of cooking.
Bathroom design trends you should know about…Floating Vanities!
Floating vanities continue to be one of the more popular bathroom design trends out there, offering a custom look to even the smallest of bathroom spaces. These wall-mounted vanities create the illusion of more space in a tight bathroom with its’ open underside.
Mirror, mirror on the bathroom wall.... would look so much nicer if your trim could match the finish of your faucet. And I just learned you can.
A good start is path to successful kitchen remodel!
We know how stressful a kitchen remodel can be. The people who come into our showrooms are already feeling it before they’ve made any decisions or really have gotten a grip on the costs involved. But at the end of the day, it is still people buying from other people and establishing that connection with one another.
How Winston Churchill remodeling?
Who can question the great Winston Churchil when it comes to kitchen remodeling advice? We’ve taken 5 motivational quotes and “translated” them to help inspire your new kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling project in 2014. What is your motivation?
Would Cyndi Lauper show her "true colors" in a kitchen design?
More than ever, homeowners are open to experimenting with colors. With shades of gray or off-white dominating cabinet finishes (studies show that nearly 30% of all kitchens and bathrooms currently being done involve a shade of gray), the chance to add some color can come from a variety of sources.
Kitchen Smitchen - a guide to "other" uses for your kitchen!
While it’s fairly obvious that kitchen design needs to include space for all things cooking, it is not always so obvious that the kitchen is not JUST for cooking. What else goes on in there?
Can a Polar Vortex influence “weather” or not you remodel your kitchen or bathroom?
If you are like me, you have had enough of this year’s winter…cold, snow, sleet, cold, snow, freezing rain, snow, cold, sleet, snow, cold, cold, cold. You’re feeling it, right?
Molding just the right experience! | Frederick, MD Kitchen Remodeling
Great experiences come down to details, and nothing requires more detail than molding. Lengths, angles, cuts and joints can make or break the finished look of any cabinet molding. A Frederick, MD kitchen remodeling client came to our Frederick, MD kitchen showroom looking to add cabinet molding to his existing kitchen.
5 reasons your kitchen could use a warming drawer!
So you think a warming drawer is really that impractical? I beg to differ. In fact, I would argue that the larger your family, the more essential a warming drawer becomes to the kitchen. With its’ sleek design and compact drawer-sized fit, a warming drawer can be a welcome and strategically designed element of your next kitchen. Here are 5 re...
Remodel my kitchen? Not until the Cubs win the…
For the first time in what feels like a very looooong time, a large part of the country came together last night. Be it in decades, years, seasons, games…the Cubs experienced it all to achieve their ultimate goal. And if you are wondering how remodeling your kitchen or bathroom can be compared to the Cubs winning the world series, here are 3 tips y...
How much does a kitchen cost? The answer is in the questions.
How much does a kitchen cost? We love that question! It signals the start of what we hope will be a great partnership and relationship that will bring a dream to life, in what is arguably the heart of the home and most important room in the house. But if not approached thoughtfully, that one simple question can easily go down the wrong path. We wan...
5 Earth Day inspired Kitchen Ideas
Today we celebrate Earth Day and its’ 45th anniversary as a day recognized for creating awareness about our environment, protecting our planet and embracing more environmentally friendly choices and lifestyles.
5 Kitchen Cabinet Accessories that can make the most of your space
When it comes to the kitchen, every bit of space matters. A well thought out and designed kitchen will organize your space even better than you could imagine. The secret? Well, to be honest it’s not a secret at all. Kitchen cabinet accessories can put the finishing touches on your kitchen’s efficiency and organization. Whether you are organizing st...
Google, reconnecting a 20 year friendship and a new kitchen!
Working with a variety of clients, you invariably connect with someone you know or that knows you. But what happens when someone finds you after 20 years? Patty Whitman, AKBD, a Kitchen and Bath Designer for Reico Kitchen & Bath and a former military wife, knows firsthand. The first part of the story is familiar. Living in the same community (in th...
From Friday the 13th fears to 13 kitchen design ideas cheers!
When it comes to kitchen remodeling, we want you to feel lucky…like you’ve hit the jackpot, finally able to remodel and bring your dream kitchen to life. So this Friday the 13th, let’s embrace a lucky 13 kitchen design ideas to help you create that dream kitchen of yours. Put away the ladders, mirrors and black cats and let’s focus on what’s going ...
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