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Charging Drawer
Keep it out of sight and charging through the night The beauty of a charging drawer is it offers tremendous convenience without cluttering your countertops with a variety of electronic devices.  With proper planning for electrical, you can not only use the charging drawer to power your devices, but put them away for the night too.  Kitche...
Green Bathrooms
A green bathroom is more than just being an eco-friendly space.  It is the color many people are choosing to paint their bathrooms in.  The rise in use of green color palettes has been growing rapidly according to studies done by the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA).
Tile in your Bathroom - Play with scale
When it comes to using in tile in your bathrom, consider mixing tile sizes and looks.  Large tiles tend to make a bathroom or shower appear longer.  Smaller tiles provide detail and in some cases a focal point for your bathroom space.
Granite vs Quartz Countertops: Which is Best for You?
While granite countertops have long been a mainstay in the kitchen, more and more consumers are turning to quartz (engineered stone) kitchen countertop surfaces.  And when you get down to the comparisons, it is pretty simple to see why. For natural beauty and variation, most will argue that nothing beats a granite kitchen countertop.  The unique ch...
7 Ways to Create a Kitchen Focal Point
Every kitchen has a focal point. Whether it is intended or unintended well…that’s another story. For the desperate to remodel crowd, the whole kitchen could be the focal point because you can’t stand it. But for this post, we’re talking about a different kind of focal point. The focal point of YOUR kitchen. Whether it is so...
Getting Started on your Kitchen Remodel
There is so much to consider once you decide you are ready to remodel your kitchen.  Choices in kitchen cabinets, kitchen appliances, kitchen countertops, kitchen sinks, faucets and more!  Then you are looking at kitchen design styles and kitchen design trends from magazine, on smart phones and tablets, or on TV.  It can be overwhelming!
Your Guide To Countertop Types
If you want a simple and easy way to makeover the entire look of your kitchen, look no further. Your countertop is the centerpiece of your kitchen, and the workhorse where you prep all your food. It deserves a little extra love. Get the lowdown on each material you can choose from for your countertop. The different materials all perform differently...
8 Elegant Solutions for Bathroom Storage
In small rooms, storage space is a premium -- and most bathrooms do not have enough of it. Decrease clutter and maximize your powder room, hall bath or any bathroom with these 5 elegant storage solutions for bathrooms. 
How to Choose A Perfect Fridge For Your Kitchen
How long have you had your fridge? The answer is probably: too long. Old refrigerators are often sucking up so much electricity that buying a new one would actually pay for itself by shaving money off your electric bill.  You can be saving a fridge load of money when you swap out your old fridge for a new one, but you can also majorly update t...
Make Your Kitchen Multifunctional
Think beyond just making meals when designing your kitchen. In many homes, the kitchen is the central gathering place. Cooking often brings people together, and the kitchen has become a dining, task, meeting, and multipurpose space. Maybe you enjoy hosting dinner parties, conversing over cocktails in the kitchen as you prepare appetizers. Or maybe ...
Create a Traditional Kitchen with a Modern Twist
With a myriad design styles to consider when designing your new kitchen, it is often difficult to find a single style that will both stand the test of time and still suit your tastes today and for years to come.  Here, we explore the endless possibilities of designing the perfect balance between a classic yet modern kitchen.
Collaboration, Communication and a successful Kitchen Remodel
The biggest challenge in any remodeling project, be it a kitchen or bathroom or any project in the home is the unknown.  The unknown can cover a lot of things…the cost, what you find behind the walls or underneath a floor, what it will look like.  However, the unknown can be overcome.  The proper combination of collaboration and comm...
Rub-a-dub-dub, the biggest bathroom remodel challenge? The tub!
Every project has that one challenge.  Well, if we were lucky there would only be that one challenge.  But you know what I am talking about.  The “what do to with” question that always seems to present itself when remodeling the kitchen, the bathroom or any room in the house. For Jen Denham and her client, the “what do with” que...
Kitchen Layout Considerations: Avoid These Mistakes When Designing Your Kitchen
Looking to remodel or rebuild your kitchen? Projects like these can make your life easier and add value to your home, but only if you plan them out carefully. Make sure not to get caught in the common pitfalls of kitchen design, or you’ll end up wasting space, managing trash and recycling poorly, or blocking access to key parts of the room! With th...
Kitchen pantry cabinet options to help you avoid your own Hunger Games
While The Hunger Games books and movie had their moment, offering a much different challenge than one would expect, the Hunger Games we face every day are still very much relevant and in the moment, albeit on a much, much different scale.  However, those frenzied moments of feeding ourselves, our families, friends, kids soccer teams, holiday g...
Cast your vote – will it be kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling
It’s election day. The time to get out and vote on the candidates and issues affecting your community, your state and beyond that in some years. Making choices is what voting and freedom is all about and is something we do every day on things big and small.
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