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What You Can Learn in a Remodeling Seminar: Products, Process & Patience
Don’t think a remodeling seminar is for you? Good, then you’re just the person we’re here to talk to. If your kitchen or bathroom is looking worse for the wear, you’re probably ignoring it. You don’t know what to do. You don’t think there is anything you can do. A remodel? You don’t even know where to start...
What the Data Says About Bathroom Style Trends
Would you look at your master bathroom and think that a lot of science goes into the style? You might not at first, but that would be before you knew about all the data trends that Houzz collects about bathroom style makeovers. Are you following the trends or marching to the beat of your own drum? Should you go along with the style, or do you want ...
Preparing for the Impact of A Remodel
A remodel can seem out of reach. You want to improve your kitchen or your bathroom. But you don’t know any of these details. And you’re worried about the impact it will have in your home while the remodel is going on. Sound familiar?
Bathroom Hacks You Never Knew You Needed
You get in, you shower, you flush, you get out. Your bathroom’s a place where you perform your daily habits. But you should also be able to enjoy the time you spend there. If it’s where you start your morning out getting ready, it should be the best it can be.  
Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That Really Pay Off
When you make a change, you want people to notice it. That wow factor is one of the most rewarding parts of getting your home remodeled. It should be a before and after picture you really want to show off. You don’t have to do an entire kitchen remodel (unless you want to) to get the results you’re looking for. Here are some smaller sca...
Follow This Checklist Before Starting Your Kitchen Renovation
Got a kitchen renovation project in mind? Great! But there’s a big difference between having something in mind, and having something set down on paper. By having a checklist for your bathroom project, it helps to create a clear picture of the goals that you want to set. It gets things out of the idea stage and sets them down into the concrete...
What Kind of Cabinet Door Style Should My New Cabinets Have?
Nothing can spruce up your kitchen on the inside and the outside quite like getting a new set of kitchen cabinets. What do we mean by the inside AND the outside? New cabinets will give a facelift to the entire look of your kitchen at first sight. Fresh new wood, a fresh new color, and crisp new doors are a surefire way to renew the look of your kit...
The Top Reasons People are Remodeling Their Master Bathroom
According to a survey by Houzz, the top reason that people are remodeling their master bathroom is that they want it to be more “stylish and beautiful.” This is a fairly blanket term - but it definitely means that people are not happy with the style of their bathrooms. They could be outdated, the owners could change their tastes, or the...
A Breakdown of all the Top Kitchen Renovation Trends
What’s cooking in the world of kitchen renovation? We can boil it down for you. There are always trends that sizzle a little more than the others. You can get inspired but what other people are putting on the table in the kitchen to see what you want to copy for your own home renovation.
Kitchen Island Shapes to Fit Any Kitchen
You can have your island getaway...all from within the comfort of your own kitchen. Break out the piña coladas, throw on your sandals, and don’t forget your shades. It’s kitchen island time. Almost every kitchen layout allows for the possibility of a little (kitchen) island getaway... All you need is some good design work.
How to Avoid Being Disappointed With Your Kitchen Remodel
Your hopes are up high. You’re getting your kitchen remodeled. Hurray! Finally. You can’t wait. But you know what?  There’s a whole scary list of things that could go wrong. In the end, you want to be happy, not disappointed in your remodel. With a little help, it can happen.  
Experts' Secrets to Bathroom Remodeling the Right Way
There is no right or wrong way to remodel your bathroom, right? Wrong. There is, indeed, a wrong way. That wrong way is spending way too much money, not getting what you want, and regretting the whole redesign entirely. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? How do you stop this from happening to you? We’re here to help.  
Key Things to Establish When Designing a New Bathroom
It’s hard to look at your bathroom and imagine what it could look like. But what you do know: it needs to change. Whether you have a complete vision for what you want or just know that it’s time for your old bathroom to go, you can get the bathroom that you want. You just need to get a few things in mind to start building your vision. &...
Here's a Step-By-Step Timeline of What Your Kitchen Remodel Might Look Like
Remodeling your kitchen can sound like a daunting process but it doesn’t have to be that way, at least not at every step. The more you talk to your designer, ask questions and understand the specific steps in the kitchen remodel process, the more you will feel at ease with all, most or even some of the steps. At Reico Kitchen & Bath, that...
What Makes a Kitchen a 21st Century Kitchen
When you think of your kitchen, what do you think of? A place to create, a place to eat, a place to gather?  The Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence conducted a study that asked people what they thought the role of the kitchen in their home was. Most homeowners thought that in their current 21st century home, they were sp...
Here's Why You Should Consider 4-by-4-Inch Tile
4-by-4-inch tile is something you’ve definitely seen, even if you’re not aware of it. In its prime, this tile option seemed like the must have and only option. It decked out personal bathrooms to designer and classic kitchens alike. Even corporate offices embraced the design.      
Kitchen Design Shapes for Your Remodel
When you’re remodeling your kitchen, there are a few things you should set in stone. Before you begin, you’re going to want to identify the design shape you’ll be working with for your entire kitchen. Once you know the kitchen design shape, you’ll be able to lay out the cabinets, island, appliances, fixtures, and everything ...
Kitchen Renovation Must Haves for People Who Love to Cook
“Anyone can cook.” - Ratatouille. While that might be true, it’s hard to cook when your kitchen isn’t everything you want it to be.  Not everyone has a good cooking kitchen
The Pros and Cons of Double Vanity Sinks
What’s a double sink vanity? It’s two sinks installed in your bathroom, usually into the cabinets. The vanity countertop accommodates the two sinks, and they’re typically all connected together in the same slab of counter. It’s two sinks, two faucets, and double the convenience.
How to Work With an 8 by 5 Foot Bathroom
Do you walk into your bathroom and wish it looked like one of those designer ones you see on TV and in pictures? Maybe you’ve given up hope, because your bathroom is...small. How could it possibly look like a designer bathroom when you know it is really tiny?
This Kitchen Design Trends Study Reveals the Best Remodeling Points
What’s the most popular kitchen shape? Design style? Size? The National Kitchen & Bath Association just released their 2019 analysis of the most sought after styles that kitchen consumers are going after. They asked 583 kitchen remodelers, designers, architects, and other experts in the industry their opinions.
Copper Kitchen Countertops – 6 things you should know
Most often seen in bars and exterior applications, copper kitchen countertops are not out of the question for those who really want it. Its distinct look can provide an exciting focal point to any kitchen. Here are some basic things you should know about using copper in your kitchen:
2013's Top Remodeling Trends for Kitchens and Bathrooms
According to recently released survey results from members of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), here is a quick look at the most significant trends for kitchens and baths in 2013:
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