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Left or Right – a kitchen design tip for dishwasher placement
When planning a kitchen, there are so many decisions to make…from little things like the location of cabinet hardware to bigger, more functional questions like where to locate the dishwasher.
Planning a new Bathroom
Designing and remodeling a bathroom is one of the most popular remodeling projects today. It can be both fun and challenging. You have some ideas about what you like…and some that you dream about for your bathroom. To help you get started on your new bathroom, we’ve given you a few easy steps to get started:
What would a kitchen designer put in their own kitchen? My top 5 wishes…
As an avid cook and kitchen designer (in that order!), I have a definite list of must haves for my own kitchen. Here are my top 5: 1) A Tray base – stores cutting boards, cookie sheets and serving trays in an organized and easy to access 9” to 12” wide cabinet. Go a little wider and get muffin tins and rectangular casserole dish storage too.
5 ideas for Drawer-ing up great kitchen storage!
The desire for a kitchen that is more organized, easy-to-reach and use has never been greater. One of the top reasons we remodel our kitchen is to create more or better storage. The opportunity to increase kitchen storage is everywhere. Here are 5 simple ideas that can help you add more kitchen storage that is easy to access:
What would a bathroom designer put in their own bathroom? My top 5 wishes…
Last month I shared my personal top 5 things I would want in my own kitchen. Now I put on my bathroom designer hat and turn my attention to my personal getaway space...the bathroom. Here is what I must have. My top 5:
Is Your Kitchen Naughty or Nice?
Everyone knows the tree goes in the front room, the wreath on the front door and the lights outside…but what about the kitchen? The kitchen is where the real magic of the season happens for those fabulous meals and treats. Check out our list of what’s naughty and what’s nice.
There are no Kitchen Police!
It’s your kitchen. If you want to put your knobs in the center of the cabinet door that’s your prerogative. I don’t think it will look too good but I’m not going to live there. Neither is your designer, contractor, architect, cousin, neighbor, friend or anyone else you are looking to for advice.
Kitchen Lighting Tips from the Professionals
Never underestimate the importance of lighting for your kitchen. Whether you’re cooking, eating, cleaning, or organizing, you will need plenty of light in the right places. Otherwise, you risk misplacing key items or leaving crumbs and liquids lying on the counter, where they can attract bugs and germs. It’s not hard to see why lighting matter...
Color Me Pleased: Making a Bathroom Remodel Work
Deciding to do a bathroom remodeling project, let alone any remodeling project, is always a big decision.  Part of that decision involves deciding how big the scope of the project will be. Keeping certain items in a space can save on money and decisions, but can present limits and other challenges when working in the space.  This was...
Saving Space: Your Guide To Designing A Convenient & Clutter-Free Bathroom
As you prepare to design or remodel your bathroom, don’t overlook the importance of saving space. Maximizing your use of the available area isn’t just about convenience; it’s also about safety, as the more room you have to move around and reach things, the less likely you are to strain yourself or fall. Thus by designing in a way that wastes as lit...
Kitchen Safety Considered: Simple Design & Remodeling Tips That Promote Kitchen Safety
What’s the most dangerous part of your home? If you guessed “the kitchen,” you’re not far off: this one room is responsible for nearly half a million knife injuries a year, to say nothing of falls, burns, strains, and other potentially serious injuries. If you want to protect yourself and your loved ones from these mishaps, you have to design a kit...
Kitchen Remodeling: Consider First Things First
I have worked on kitchen remodeling projects where the planning/decision making process has gone on for years. Seriously...years. And while I cannot make up your mind for you, I can help you prioritize and help make the kitchen remodeling process feel a little bit easier. Here are the first things to consider:
Kitchen Cabinet Accessories Trick & Treat your Kitchen!
It’s Halloween. That time of year when drop way too much money on costumes, candy, decorations and more and then wonder what happened as we emerge from a self-induced sugar coma. And a Friday night Halloween? You may as well just pack it in for the weekend right now.
Here's How to Clean Your Kitchen From Top to Bottom
Think about it. You are cooking, hosting, and moving dishes and plates around.  You are touching everything… countertops, fridge handles, faucets, and more. With the non-stop activity your kitchen endures, when was the last time that you really cleaned your kitchen well? We are not just talking washing dishes and wiping off the countert...
The Top Trends in Bathroom Remodeling Right Now
It is where you go when you first wake up. Maybe it is where you start your day with a warm comfy shower. Or maybe you end your day there with a nice, relaxing bath. In any situation, your bathroom needs to be a place of function. But why not let it also become a place to take a mini retreat too?  If your bathroom is somewhere you want to just...
Remodeling Myths Debunked
When you are remodeling your kitchen or your bathroom, you really just want to know what you should expect. There are so many ideas, decisions and moving parts. You are getting information from so many different places. We are confident you have been hearing stories from every person you know that has remodeled anything.   Deciphering remodeli...
What Is An Open Concept Kitchen and Why Should I Remodel?
Let’s say you are looking to update your kitchen. You want it to be current. You want it to be comfortable. And, you definitely want it primed and ready to handle all the cooking you want to do. Sound about right?    You bet it does!. But if your kitchen is old and outdated or poorly designed, you are probably missing out on at leas...
Must Haves for Your Master Bathroom Remodel
You’ve got your toilet, you’ve got your shower, and you’ve got your sink. Technically, that means that you’ve got yourself a bathroom. But, especially with a master bathroom, there are so many more options that you can choose to really make it your own. At Reico Kitchen & Bath , we know bathrooms. And we really know what...
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