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Which Shower Wall Materials Are the Best for You?
The average person showers for about nine minutes a day, eight times a week. Each year that adds up to 3,744 minutes in the shower or, over two and a half entire days...just in the shower.
One Study Reveals The Most Anticipated Bathroom Design Trends
When you sell your home, the expected ROI on a bathroom remodel is a whopping 70 percent. On top of that, remodeling your bathroom just makes you feel good! The average person spends almost 2 hours going to the bathroom per week, and that does even account for bath or shower time. That adds another 90 minutes.
It's a "Thanks" giving dilemma, Charlie Brown!
Quick, can you name the Thanksgiving feast served by Charlie Brown for all of his friends? If you are thinking 2 slices of buttered toast, some pretzel sticks, a handful of popcorn and a few jelly beans you were correct!
White Cabinets: The little black dress of the kitchen
I frequently have clients who think they want white cabinets for their kitchen but are afraid to commit. They worry that white cabinets will be boring or go out of style. Well, I’m here to tell you that in my humble opinion, nothing could be further from the truth!
Teamwork makes the Kitchen Dream work | Potomac MD Kitchen Remodeling
Any kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling project requires great communication and teamwork. Get a homeowner, interior designer, kitchen designer and craftsman in one room (preferably a kitchen!) and the ideas can start flying. The right teamwork though can pull all of that together into a real dream kitchen!
Top Kitchen Desires!
Forget wants and needs for a second and let’s talk about desires. Specifically, what you desire in your kitchen. Is it a simple, functional upgrade or is it something more personal or exotic?
Service, in every form, it country, customer or life.
We use the term dream kitchen or dream bathroom often in the design world. Talking about a first time kitchen or bathroom remodeling project with a client who has waited so long for this often feels like a dream is coming true. And while it is, there are also those times when we are reminded that the word dream means many things to many different p...
My Mom….Kitchen Expert?
My parents recently finished their first ever kitchen remodel. This would be a daunting process for any son or daughter to help out with…the more so when you work for a kitchen & bath company like I do.
Today’s Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends in Kitchen Technology
According to a recent homeowners study conducted by the Research Institute for Cooking and Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI), more and more consumers are intrigued by the idea of adding current “kitchen” technology to their own kitchen space. What are those top kitchen design trends in technology? Here are your top 5:
Bathroom Remodeling – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!
You look at a bathroom and naturally think a bathroom remodeling project would be a lot easier than a kitchen remodeling project…and who could blame you? Less space, less stuff, less decisions, right? Nothing could be further from the truth!
Do you like it spicy in the kitchen?
Storing spices in the kitchen can be a challenge and leave you “cayenne” over the best place for them. You want them near you while you cook and you want to be able to pick out the one you want easily. What to do? What to do?
David Letterman just wanted to remodel his kitchen
The big entertainment news last week was that David Letterman would be retiring after over 30 years of being on television. But did you know that the real reason was just so he could remodel his kitchen? Think about it. At the very least, we know Letterman has always had an interest in food, mostly by dropping it off tall buildings and seeing what ...
Gaudy? Imagining a Gaudi inspired kitchen or bathroom
I recently visited Barcelona and immediately fell in love with the charm and architecture of the city (not to mention the tapas, paella, cava, sangria…I could go on and on).
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