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Designing the Perfect Basement Wet Bar
A basement wet bar can be the ultimate asset for a lively home, perfect for entertaining guests, throwing parties, or even enjoying a quiet evening in. Whether you're a wine aficionado, a craft beer hobbyist, or a cocktail lover, a thoughtfully-designed basement wet bar can significantly enhance your at-home experience. This comprehensive guide wil...
The Ultimate Guide to Warming Drawers: Features, Benefits, and Uses
Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you've prepared a delicious meal, but your guests are running late? Or have you ever wished that your meals could stay warm while you're busily cooking the rest of your food? If so, a warming drawer, an increasingly popular kitchen appliance , can be the perfect solution for you! This post will delv...
Bathroom Design Trends - Most desired Bathroom Features
Last week, we shared results on the most desired kitchen trends based on a survey given to Kitchen & Bathroom Designers by the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI). This week we wanted to share the results of what consumers are asking for most when remodeling their bathroom. Here are the top 5 most desired bathroom design t...
Get Organized in your Kitchen!
One of the goals of clients remodeling their kitchen is for the new kitchen to be more organized and offer storage than the current version. A good designer will ask you to list your most used kitchen items and discuss placement and storage ideas based on your list.
7 Kitchen Design Trends to maximize kitchen storage!
Whether you have a small kitchen, are losing a wall to open up more space or just have a lot of “stuff”, having the proper kitchen storage is a concern in every kitchen. Here are 7 ideas to consider that can help maximize your kitchen storage space:
Let Water create Your Personal Bathroom Experience!
We all want to live responsibly without sacrificing our water experience in the bathroom. Water defines the bathroom experience – not just for its cleaning aspect, but its wellness aspect too. It is both feeling and function.
Kitchen Ideas Spring to life this time of year!
Its spring time, and nothing ushers in that feeling better than a white kitchen. Timeless in style, white kitchens offer the refreshing breeziness of spring and the opportunity to showcase vibrant colors like those that come from spring’s first blooms. Whether it is from flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables or the colorful decorations and keepsakes...
Great Kitchen Ideas are a Team Effort
We’ve all heard the saying “It takes a village…”. With kitchen design, it does not quite take a village but there is no doubt that it is a team effort. Not only a collaboration between designer & client, but with a support team ready to assist to turn great kitchen ideas into great kitchens.
1 Bathroom + 2 People = 3 Bathroom Design Ideas to consider!
1) Identify all the activities each person uses their bathroom space for – bathing, showering, using the toilet, grooming, name it!
The Laundry Room: from Dreaded to Delightful!
Today’s laundry rooms are not what they used to be! By incorporating more features and amenities from other areas of the home, some dread is being taken out of doing the laundry. Planning and a desire for greater functionality in the laundry room is the key. Here are a few things changing today’s laundry room:
7 kitchen design ideas for your kitchen focal point
Every kitchen has a focal point. That one area that always captures peoples’ attention the moment they walk in. Or brings a smile to your own face because it looks better in your kitchen than you ever imagined it could. Most are intended. Some are not.
Smart Design Ideas for the Kitchen, Bathroom & more – 8 tips to consider!
Don’t talk to boomers about Universal Design. Today it is Smart Design that benefits everyone of all ages, incorporating smart design ideas throughout the home to allow families of various sizes and multiple generations to stay in place. Want some smart design ideas that can make your home “smarter”? Here are 8 tips:
Top Kitchen Desires!
Forget wants and needs for a second and let’s talk about desires. Specifically, what you desire in your kitchen. Is it a simple, functional upgrade or is it something more personal or exotic?
Rub-a-dub-dub…hey what happened to the bathroom tub?
It's not looking good for the rubber duckies. According to a recent Houzz study on bathroom remodeling trends , more and more consumers are forgoing the master bathroom tub. More than 4 in 10 surveyed homeowners are ditching the bathroom tub with glass and curbless zero threshold shower enclosures leading the way in bathroom trends.
David Letterman just wanted to remodel his kitchen
The big entertainment news last week was that David Letterman would be retiring after over 30 years of being on television. But did you know that the real reason was just so he could remodel his kitchen? Think about it. At the very least, we know Letterman has always had an interest in food, mostly by dropping it off tall buildings and seeing what ...
Kitchen Remodel, Bathroom Remodel, or…the real March Madness begins!
It happens every year about this time. People start considering all their options. They look at stats and key information to help them make decisions on what or who will ultimately win out. And then they do it…they print out their March Madness brackets and start filling in winners. Will they go with the flashiest choice with the best chance of win...
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